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Short Story G – ‘Gramps and the No Good Busybodies’ Chapter II

Here’s the second chapter to ‘Gramps and the No Good Busybodies’. I know it’s a day early, but it’s my treat to you since I was already a few days late for my updates on Wound. If you haven’t already … Continue reading

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Short Story G – ‘Gramps and the No Good Busybodies’

If you follow me on Twitter you would see some of my posts focus on Japanese kinushi, or in other words the tree spirit of Okinawa. I found this story interesting to write about ever since I wrote a few of my … Continue reading

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‘Canon vs. Fanon’ – Why it’s Important to avoid Favoritism in any type of Fiction

For those of you who absolutely adore reading books whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, Japanese manga, you name it, or watch movies and television on a regular basis you will understand the moral behind this post. Everyone has a favorite character, … Continue reading

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