A Quick Note

Sorry for my absence recently. I’m still working on the second chapter of Wound and though it was due today, I will be uploading it tomorrow instead. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you’ll see I’ve been busy with the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, while also working on the next book trailer for Dr. Anthony L. Manna and Soula Mitakidou’s The Orphan (Schwartz & Wade Books). Using Adobe After Effects is much more complex than Sony Vegas Pro, but is an absolutely amazing program once you get the hang of it.

Photo on 2-24-15 at 10

I’m also working on the cover for Gramps and the No Good Busybodies  which will also be uploaded once it is completed. As far as huge writing projects go, I might have to pull the ‘hiatus’ card until both Wound and Gramps are completed.

Until then you can follow me on Twitter  or Facebook for updates. I’ll be sure to follow you back!


About Katya Szewczuk

Katya is the Freelance Writer, Editor and Journalist for New Jersey based publishers Renna Media. She is also a videographer who creates book trailers for authors and is the host of the Youtube series 'The Kat's Meow'. She is currently working on two middle grade novels both featuring a spunky, adventurous heroine who goes off on a journey.
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