Sony Vegas vs. Adobe Suite

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. What am I doing today instead of watching ‘The Notebook’ on Lifetime? I’m finally uploading Dr. Anthony L. Manna’s finished promotional Book Trailer to Youtube and organizing my next videography/animation projects for my portfolio.

This is the first Book Trailer Dr. Manna and I worked on together and to be perfectly honest it wasn’t all that easy. I might have a long history with Sony Vegas Pro 12 and all of its Plugins such as New Blue FX, but editing illustrations is much harder than putting together a montage for a wedding or tribute to your favorite television characters. For years I’ve been studying Videography and animation so the technicalities were easy for me to master, but choosing which scenes to use from the book with Dr. Manna was the biggest challenge of all.

For years I have been using Sony Vegas for projects such as the ones listed above, and have realized it’s tailored for people who want to edit with video sequences rather than still images. A few months ago I gave myself the longest reassuring pep-talk anyone could ever imagine and decided to invest in Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium to improve my editing and animation skills. As a student of videography, it was likely for me to make the switch, since After Effects CS6, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Flash Professional CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS6 and Adobe Photoshop CS6 are a huge help when wanting to make your own animations, typography and 2D effects for Book Trailers. The package is also a great upgrade for marketers who want to make professional advertisements for businesses, universities, campaigns, etc.

My next project is to use animation to promote Dr. Manna and Soula Mitakidous’s books in the same way I had with the use of Sony Vegas Pro 12, but with a more professional approach. I will still use Sony Vegas for projects such as Dr. Manna’s Interview Videos and Read-Along Video, but will always recommend using the Adobe Suite for projects that include animation.

I want to thank the lovely Anne Schwartz from Schwartz & Wade (Random House) for helping us with Permissions and the talented Giselle Potter for the use of her beautiful illustrations.

What does everyone think of Sony Vegas vs. Adobe today? I’m curious to hear your insights.



About Katya Szewczuk

Katya is the Freelance Writer, Editor and Journalist for New Jersey based publishers Renna Media. She is also a videographer who creates book trailers for authors and is the host of the Youtube series 'The Kat's Meow'. She is currently working on two middle grade novels both featuring a spunky, adventurous heroine who goes off on a journey.
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