A Soot Filled Life (Six Sentence Story)

Here’s another writing prompt provided by Six Sentences  about an old chimney-sweeper’s everyday life.

By: Katya Szewczuk

A chimney-sweeper’s life was always filled with soot. Gregory Gutters swabbed the inside of Mrs. Marigold’s chimney until it shinned beneath the brilliant sunlight, and felt as hungry as a galley slave. Down the village’s street, he saw a horde of bustling children crowded round a picnic basket, shoveling white-bread, salami and ham sandwiches with juicy, green pickles into their dribbling mouths. Gregory Gutters stomach growled and he hoisted down the chimney to reach the busy street where he asked a rowdy, buggy boy for one delightful sandwich. He was pleased when the boy presented him with the double-decker and was about to enjoy the succulent, sour tastes when he noticed soot had blanketed the sandwich like a dark, grimy shadow. He laughed and said, “A chimney-sweeper’s life is always filled with soot.”


About Katya Szewczuk

Katya is the Freelance Writer, Editor and Journalist for New Jersey based publishers Renna Media. She is also a videographer who creates book trailers for authors and is the host of the Youtube series 'The Kat's Meow'. She is currently working on two middle grade novels both featuring a spunky, adventurous heroine who goes off on a journey.
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