Why I Write and Who I Write For

No matter who I talk to whether it’d be my church friends, professors or even my family, when I’m asked why I write the answer remains the same. It’s to teach children a lesson to always respect their elders and honor them in every way possible. I’ve seen people disrespect their parents, grandparents, teachers and superiors and fear that the golden rule of respect and admiration has disappeared.

In each of the stories I have written over the years you will notice how there is always a wise old man or woman who reveals the moral of the story, usually through the art of dialogue. Whether they are the main or minor characters, these old geezers will grasp a child’s attention because of the lesson they are trying to convey.

My greatest of dreams is to continue teaching children that they must respect their elders and keep them in great regard. I hope to one day craft a role model for children and have them learn from my writing that elders aren’t dried, old prunes or scary, old witches, but people who have wisdom and wonderful stories to share with the world.


About Katya Szewczuk

Katya is the Freelance Writer, Editor and Journalist for New Jersey based publishers Renna Media. She is also a videographer who creates book trailers for authors and is the host of the Youtube series 'The Kat's Meow'. She is currently working on two middle grade novels both featuring a spunky, adventurous heroine who goes off on a journey.
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